5 things that I learnt after 8 months with a baby

As 5 coisas que eu descobri no oitavo mês do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

Last month flew by and Gael was turning 8 months before we knew it! Every day that passes he is looking more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. Now that we are over pneumonia, we eventually managed to get a few days at the beach over the long weekend. It was the cutest thing to watch how happy he was splashing around in the sea and making baby friends on the beach! He is curious about the world around him. Currently he favourite things are water (swimming pools, the sea or any other body of water), scrambled eggs, drumming on objects, our chihuahua Pitchu and the sounds mmmmmm and ah bu!

8 months with a baby has been full of mini discoveries like these: 

5 (actually 6) Things that I learnt after 8 months with a baby

1. Dealing with food:

I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard work planning meals and making sure the baby eats on time. Whilst we can always skip a meal, or grab something whilst we are out, that is just not an option with a baby. Gael is a good eater, that said, there are days when all he wants to eat are scrambled eggs and there are days where food is thrown all over the room, which is most definitely and exercise in patience! But like everything…it’s just a phase.

As 5 coisas que eu descobri no oitavo mês do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

2. Games with Daddy:

One of the things I’m loving the most is seeing the father and son relationship develop. They have their own private games, Gael loves listening to music with his dad and he grins from ear to ear in anticipation of their games. Sometimes I hear them playing together on the baby monitor and it truly is one of the cutest things!

3. I want my Mummy!!!:

Even with all the fun father and son time, there are moments that only mummy will do! He screams and cries and throws himself at me. Sometimes he is happily playing and he catches a glimpse of me walking by and the crying commences. Letting strangers hold him? Forget it, seperation anxiety has well and truly begun here!

4. Watch your mouth!:

We have started to notice how much of a little sponge he is, soaking up everything around him, as he learns how to operate in the world even at just 8 months old! I’m really watching myself to make sure that I provide him with an example of healthy attitudes and communication. I know I’m never going to raise a “perfect” child, but the more we are able to demonstrate love, a healthy self esteem and respect for others, we are on the right path. It has really dawned on me what a huge responsibility educating a child really is!

As 5 coisas que eu descobri no oitavo mês do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

5. Give me a Kiss:

This has to be this month’s cutest discovery! Gael has learnt to give kisses, even if they are big wet sloppy ones, he is copying me and starting to reciprocate my kisses on the cheek. An instant heart melter!

6. Time waits for no Parent:

Now for the bonus one: Even with all of the challenges and all of the attention that a baby requires, I am aware that time is flying. Now that he has really started crawling, he’ll been running around the place in a blink of an eye. I’m doing my upmost to be more present in the moment and not to always be looking forwards to the next phase. 

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