The Skinniest Skinny Margarita – from Erika Jarvis of My Revamped Life

The Skinniest Skinny Margarita – from Erika Jarvis of My Revamped Life

Welcome to the first drink of the week for the month of September and better still, the first ever EAMR post in English!

This month, the EAMR drink of the week, will be brought to you by readers submissions and collaborations with other lovely bloggers. Today we are kicking off with a super healthy Margarita by Erika Jarvis from My Revamped Life.

Erika is based in in the US, she went to Penn State for Journalism with dreams of writing for Rolling Stone or covering the latest reality show. Flash forward 10 years and whilst she never moved to NYC, she’s happily enjoying life as a Florida girl living on coffee, music and making her friends laugh. With an itch to write again, she started My Revamped Life to create a corner of the internet where female friendships are celebrated, rants are had, and tips and tricks are shared. Join along in her revamped world of life, love and a serious addiction to pointy-toed flats and her journey to get women to stop saying #GirlBoss:

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The Skinniest Skinny Margarita


  • 1 1/2 oz of silver tequila
  • 1 whole lime
  • 12 oz. plain soda water
  • crushed ice


Cut the lime into slices and place in a tall glass. Muddle the limes at the bottom of the glass Add crushed ice half way full Top off with soda water ENJOY! This margarita takes the concept of club soda and lime to the next level and gives you that fresh margarita feeling without any of the sugar! You can substitute other dress fruit such as berries, oranges or grapefruit to try new flavours. Be sure to use more fruit than you think you need!

Sounds delicious!

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