5 things i learnt after 11 months with a baby

As 5 coisas que eu aprendi com 11 meses do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

Gael is 11 months old today, and I can’t hardly believe that next month is the big celebration! He’s sleeping better and our little family is adapting and transforming with each new phase that presents itself. I’m not saying that things are easy and stress free by any stretch, but for the most part I am managing to consolidate my identity as a mother and women. I hope things stay this way!


5 Things I Learnt After 11 Months With a Baby

1. If he sings, I sing

There is nothing cuter in this world than Gael trying to sing! He watches our mouths moving when we sing his favourite songs and tries to copy us, opening and shutting his mouth whilst making sounds. My heart melts!

As 5 coisas que eu aprendi com 11 meses do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

2. Again

Children love repetition, seriously they love repetition (you see what I did there 😉 ). Gael goes to his toy box and brings us his favourite book, curently: The Wheels On The Bus, and asks us to read it over and over!

3. Pitchu is everything

Ever since we got back from London, Gael has been obsessed with our chihuahua Pitchu. When we arrive at the front door he starts to sqweel with excitement and anticipation. He follows her around the house and he loves stroking her and getting his hands and feet licked. 

As 5 coisas que eu aprendi com 11 meses do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

4. Getting on board with the baby stuff

There’s no escaping it, we are parents now. As much as we try to be the cool parents and educate Gael about jazz and dub, music and songs for babies and toddlers is made to help them learn. So now, as well as singing the blues, we also are getting on board with Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and other classics.

As 5 coisas que eu aprendi com 11 meses do bebê | Estilo ao Meu Redor

5. There’s no competition

Gael’s first semester report came out a couple of weeks ago, along with a big folder full of his art and sensory projects, I was so proud! The report detailed his development in nursery, his favourite food (rice and beans), his friends (Nicolas e Bento) and in the middle of all the positive comments, I became obsessed with one sentence, “he has not yet discovered the possibility to communicate by pointing”. The report was written when Gael was only 9 months old. However, it was the first time I had ever heard “He has not yet”, instead of “he is already…” We know that every child develops at their own rate, but in practice it’s difficult not to compare. 

Now we are so close to him walking, I can’t stop crossing my fingers and hoping that he walks before his first birthday, as if it was some kind of personal goal. This is something I am working on in therapy! haha

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