5 Things that I learnt after 7 months with a baby

5 things i learnt after 7 months with a baby | Estilo ao Meu Redor

Gael turned 7 months on the 25th March. I admit that I entered into a little bit of shock, I think I had been so focused on him reaching the 6 month mark, that I kind of forgot that time would keep on passing after this important milestone and then, puff, 7 months was on the doorstep! He is full of joy and laughter and even with him waking during the night, I am managing (for the most part) to see this as temporary and I am happier and more confident in my role as a mother. It is fair to say that I am loving this phase and feel the love and bond growing on a daily basis. Things with a baby are constantly evolving and every phase brings a new set of challenges and rewards. Here are the 5 things I learnt after 7 months:

5 Things that I learnt after 7 months with a baby

1. Quality time 

With Gael in nursery during the week, I have more time to focus on work, and this is having a really positive affect on me. He is loving playing with his classmates, at the best part of my day is picking him up from “school” and being able to give him my undivided attention. At the weekends, we are exploring the city and discovering a variety of child friendly activities and to be honest, I don’t know who is enjoying them more, me or him.

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2. In movement 

If he was active last month, this month he hasn’t stayed still for a second. Activities include, grabbing at everything, dragging himself across the floor, screaming when I take anything from his hands! The time has come to adapt our home for a baby on the move. The real challenge is what to do with our home bar!

3. The ritual of food 

A month in to food, we are discovering his preferences. He even seems to prefer savory to sweet, always opting for courgette or pumpkin over fruit. And I am delving ever deeper into searches about the best way to nourish a growing baby. Gael seems to prefer the Baby Led Weaning or BLW approach, guaranteeing hours of fun and mess.


4. The beginning of mummyitis

If the experts are to believed, we are still a little young for the onset of separation anxiety, but each baby is different and Gael is more clinging to me by the day and is beginning to be wary of strangers, these are all signs of healthy development and it’s reassuring to know that I am my little man’s first choice, however I am a little apprehensive to see how this plays out over the coming months.


5. Freedom and decisions 

Between nurseries and baby (finger) food, Gael is spacing out his feedings and that means more freedom to be away from him for longer periods if and when necessary. I am still breastfeeding and expressing milk to give him when I’m at work and discovering that pumping milk brings its own set of challenges and limitations. Overall we are going through a moment of evolution and designing our life as a family of 3.


Photos by Lisandro Frigerio (aka daddy)



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