6 tips to get you out of a style rut today!

6 Tips to get you out of a style rut today| Estilo ao Meu Redor

Once we discover our personal style and what suits our body shape and lifestyle, it’s natural that we invest in those pieces. I have already spoken here about the importance of having a personal uniform, you know, those tried and tested combinations based around an aesthetic that represents us and save us precious time getting ready in the mornings. But, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

The Style Rut

Maybe you have had the same hair cut and colour for years, or maybe your make up has two variations; day and night? Or maybe your go to combo of skinny jeans and ballet flats is feeling a bit stale? Or maybe you over invested in clean basics and whilst you have an amazing collection of crisp white shirts, you can’t stand the sight of them? If that sounds like you, then you are in a style rut. But don’t worry, you don’t need to forget everything you have learnt about personal style, nor rush out to buy a whole new wardrobe!

Follow my 6 tips for getting out of a style rut and updating your look without abandoning your signature style!

1. Get your hair did!

Hair has the potential to be a highly emotional for us women, sometimes we hold on to the same cut and colour for years because it once made us feel good, or we have long unruly hair that we are reluctant to cut, in case we loose even a drop of our sacred femininity! So not true! Try a new cut or colour and the results will surprise you! 

2. Try a new cut of jeans

Nothing against  skinny jeans, I have a few pairs in my wardrobe, but this is one of the style ruts that I see lots of women falling into. There are a world of different cuts of jeans out there, that are just as, if not more, flattering! It’s just a question of trying them out. Topshop has this jeans guide to get you started. Have a search on Pinterest, try different cuts with an open mind, don’t pay attention to the sizes, go with what looks good on your body. Vintage shops are often a goldmine for jeans!


6 Tips to get you out of a Style Rut Today | Estilo ao Meu Redor

3. Get a make up lesson

For many years my make up formula was: foundation, badly applied concealer, too much bronzer (scared of looking pale), black liner and a nude lip. I was only able to free myself from this formula after having my make up done by professionals. If you have your makeup done for an event, take your time to talk to the make up artist about make up trends, application techniques, and what suits you. It could revolutionise your make up routine! Remember, most make up counters have a trained make up artist who will show you how to use a product or charge a small fee to make you up, which is redeemable against any purchase. 😉

4. Wear items you never wear

We all have things in our wardrobe that we never wear for one reason or another, the first step is always to organise so you know exactly what you have. If you haven’t already read it, I have a post here that will help you make your wardrobe functional. When you have a bit of time, organise your closet, put together a few outfits that you wouldn’t normally wear and that take you out of your comfort zone. Try using them during the week, you might like the result!

5. Give yourself a style challenge 

Similar to tip number 4, I believe that we are our most creative under pressure. Create your own style challenge, like try wearing only one colour head to toe each day of the week. Or ban yourself from using your 5 favouite items for a week. You make the rules, what is important is that it challenges you and makes you think outside the box when it comes to your style. 

6. Invest in on trend accessories to update your look

Sometimes all you need are a few new accessories to update your basic style formula. See if a boxy straw bag doesn’t give an instant lift to your jeans and teeshirt combo? Or if your dressy printed maxi dress doesn’t look more on trend with contrasting pointy flats? Of course it’s important to know your personal style, but rules were made to be broken. The most important thing is to open your wardrobe and free liberated and not a hostage to your own style!


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